Rosia Montana: Sorin Jurca and Group

The Importance of Working Together


Rosia Montana

United we stand; divided we fall. This simple phrase points to a truth in any struggle; that unless the individuals and groups seeking to achieve a specific goal learn to work together for the common good of that goal, the struggle is doomed to fail.

The mining company knows this truth well and has sought, through bribes, intimidation and financial incentives, to build a company machine capable of creating obstacles for those who oppose them and for pushing through illegal legislation in order to realize their plans to open the largest open-pit gold mine in Europe. Yet, their unity is built upon fear and desire and will last only as long as the fear and desire is fed – an expensive proposition.

The opposition, on the other hand, can find its unity under the banner of higher principles like a human being’s right to have equal access to nature and nature’s resources, to earn an income through sustainable opportunities and to live free without the interference of government or corporations. When we recognize all the different ways we, as members of the opposition, oppose the company’s mining project, we realize that there are many valid reasons  to want an end to open-pit mining in Rosia Montana but that we are all focused on the one goal – to save Rosia Montana!

Since arriving in Rosia Montana seven months ago, I have noticed that we do not always work together; that old wounds and new egos sometimes clash… for the good of the company. And that is the end result; anything that divides us and prevents us from working together or at least supporting each other’s efforts is an advantage for the mining company. In fact, one of the company’s main strategies has been to divide and destroy. This is a technique of mining company’s all over the world; to divide not only the community but the opposition, as well. In this way, the company directs the attention to something that is irrelevant as a means of diverting attention away from the real issues. In law, this technique is called a “red herring.”

So let’s don’t supply the company with a way to detract and mislead the public away from the real issues. Let us show the public a unified front. Let us show the public that we have solidarity based upon timeless human values and principles.

Here are some suggestions;

    • Do not publicly criticize a member of the opposition; settle differences in private.
    • Do not publicly correct a member of the opposition directly or by name; instead, if a member has given wrong information, then offer your own information without directly implicating the particular member. If necessary, you can discuss the matter in private.
  • In regards to the above, when speaking in public, be sure of your information and its source.