The Month In Review

The past three weeks were an important period for the Cultural Foundation; during Easter many new people from across Romania discovered the Foundation for the first time. Traveling from Bucharest, Iasi, Oradea and Cluj and from as far away as Denmark, Rosia Montana supporters formed new friendships, discussed strategies and helped the Foundation increase its pool of volunteers willing to contribute their time to helping the Cultural Foundation stop open-pit mining in Rosia Montana.

Alex led the group on tours passed Dacian and Roman galleries, to the meteorological station at the top of the highest point in Rosia Montana and viewed the destructive impact of open-pit mining on Mount Cetate.

On the last evening, everyone gathered at Eugen David’s farm to enjoy a bonfire and a glass of wine and listen to Eugen speak of the opposition’s resistance to open-pit mining through the years. Afterwards, we relaxed by the warmth of the fire until past midnight sharing stories and reveling in each other’s commitment to the cause.

Alexandra Roman and Cristi Pascal have begun training for their bike/run that will begin in Alba Iulia and end in Rosia Montana during Fanfest in August. Promoting both the Cultural Foundation and the Save Rosia Montana campaign, Alexandra and Cristi will be covering a distance of 85 kilometers. We wish them luck!

This past weekend saw the Cultural Foundation and supporters of the Save Rosia Montana campaign come together to deliver the campaign’s newspaper Apusenii Libere. Focusing on the town of Bucium, one of the villages that make up the Rosia Montana parish, the group took advantage of the Negrilassa festival in Bucium, handing out hundreds of the newspapers. It was a great way to offer the residents of Bucium and beyond another side to the Rosia Montana story besides company propaganda.

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