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Writing from the heart in Rosia Montana

Are You a Writer? Do You Like to Blog?

Do you like to write or blog? If yes, we need you!

Send us your writings and photos in an email and we will include you in our list of guest bloggers. You don’t have to be a Shakespeare or Eminescu – just a person who can share your feelings of Rosia Montana; its mountains, history, culture and community. We are looking for real, heart-felt stories that can help readers experience the beauty and timelessness of Rosia Montana through your words.

Let the world know how you feel about Rosia Montana.

Send your stories to: Bloggers

Volunteers Wanted: Open Positions and Needs

We are looking for the following volunteer help:


  • Writers/bloggers

Regular Positions:

  • Researcher – News: We need someone to search the internet daily for relevant, up-to-date news regarding Rosia Montana to include on our website. English and Romanian.

Special Projects:

  • Designer for booklet using Adobe InDesign or something similar.

If you are interested in contributing your time and expertise, please contact us to let us know what you are interested in or what you can offer.

Thank you so much!

This Week’s Volunteer Recognition Awards

This Week’s Volunteer Recognition Awards Goes To (in alphabetical order):

Alexandra Roman, Alba Iulia: for her translations from English to Romanian and her development of a bicycle/run event from Alba Iulia to Rosia Montana during FanFest.

Ani ?tefan, Alba Iulia: for her work on adding to our email database the addresses of important contacts throughout Romnia.

Lucian Raducanescu, Bucharest: for installing and implementing the Foundation’s mailing list software.


Thank you, Everyone!!!