Romania Is Ready. Are We?

Romania is ready to rise and Romanians everywhere are ready to make it happen. They are ready now. Are we?

I have seen how people open their eyes, raise their heads and allow their spirit to shine whenever they are inspired, whenever they have role models around them. People are too often used to a sluggish rhythm, negative beliefs and a lack of hope even though, in most of their hearts, there is a sparkle; one not seen from the outside through their lives and actions. It is there, and it has always been there, waiting to be lit up and guided, exploding in a fire of love and right action.

People are ready. They just need guidance. They need inspiration. They need role models.

My mother is in her 50s; she lived half of her life under communism and half of her life in a fake democracy when things became worse and worse. But she never stopped hoping, she never gave up her dreams. Her visions go against what is happening around her, against the direction her community is going – toward self-destruction through a lack of right action.

People are ready, people are thirsty for a better life. But they need to be guided because they do not know that there truly is a different way; they do not have the courage to believe that they can escape from their fears.

We need more and more spiritual people getting involved in their communities. People need pure leaders, souls ready to serve. These communities, these villages and cities, this nation – most of it is led by ignorance, by people that are unbelievably narrow minded, by people who cannot see beyond their own interests, beyond their own egos, beyond their own lives. Such people cannot see the needs of the present; therefore, they have no vision of the future. They can only “lead” through intimidation, blackmail and through exploiting a community’s fear and weakness. Therefore, these communities are “encouraged” to stay small, to keep their heads down, to be scared, to continue to be the prisoners of their own fears.

But we can and must do something about that! We must show the people how free they are and how high they can fly if only they learn the greatness of their own freedom.

Everyone who can see beyond the realm of fear has a duty to share their knowledge and to share the light that exists all around us. We are not yet masters and not yet saints but we do believe in freedom, truth and love; our duty is to share it as much as we can.

The people are ready.

Are we?

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