Help us raise our Google page rank with backlinks

Help Us! Create Backlinks

How To Help Us Reach More People Through Google While Silencing the Mining Company

Did you know that quality back-links help Google decide how high a webpage will rank in a keyword search? A back-link is an external link that points back to a particular website or webpage. A website with a high number of back links is an indication to Google that the website must be of high quality if so many people are linking back to it.

One of the goals for our website is to rank on the first page for the keywords rosia montana.This not only helps us direct people just learning about Rosia Montana but it also helps us push RM Gold Corporation’s websites down in the rankings. If we can push their sites to the third page or beyond, we lower the the chance of someone visiting their sites.

  • Create links back to to raise our Google rankings: 
    • On your Facebook page
    • On your personal websites, blogs, etc.
    • On your business pagesInclude as a part of your email signature
    • On forums, comments, etc – every time you leave a comment to an article, blog post, etc., include this link as part of your signature or when you sign up and it asks for your website.

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