Redirect 2% of your income tax to the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation!

Do You Pay Taxes in Romania? Donate 2%!

Because of the generosity of people like you, the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation is able to fund projects that help preserve the amazing cultural and natural heritage of Rosia Montana. From community projects to raising international awareness, our programs are made possible through your support.

Thank you!

The 2% Program

The Romanian Tax Code allows every citizen to redirect 2% of their income tax paid to the State to non-governmental organizations.

Please complete and submit  Form 230  (for tax on salaries) or Form 200 (if you have other income).

But hurry! You have only until May 25, 2014 to submit your forms!

Name nonprofit entity / unit of worship: 


Fiscal Identification nonprofit entity / unit of worship:


Bank Account (IBAN) nonprofit entity / unit of worship:




Instructions for completion:

  • The form must be printed by hand in capital letters. Please print clearly.
  • Make two copies. Submit one to the Financial Administration and keep the other one for your own records.
  • Please make sure the tax year you are referring to is 2012.
  • Form 230: income from wages: complete PART I – identity and sign. The remaining fields are not necessarily completed.
  • Form 200: other income besides salary: IMPORTANT – follow the instructions at the end of the form. You will complete all the areas related to the type of income received, including PART III Destination of 2% of annual income tax amount.

What to do if you do not know how to determine the 2% amount:  if you do not know the amount, you can leave the box blank. According to Article 84, para. 3 of the Tax Code, “… the competent fiscal body has the obligation to calculate, withhold and remit the amount up to 2% of the tax …”

Instructions for submission / shipment:

  • The form should be submitted to the Financial Administration authority where you reside and pay your tax.
  • Please send the form by registered mail.
  • Financial Administration addresses can be found here .


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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