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Dr. Ioan Piso, President, Roșia Montană Cultural Foundation, is one of Romania’s preeminent historians and the Department Chair of Ancient History at Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj.

We Won’t Surrender!

Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation

Our Foundation has emerged as a thrill of pride against those who argued that the fate of Rosia Montana was sealed. Indeed, what is given to us to hear all day by supporters of the mining project? They say that the only source of wealth of the inhabitants is the mining. They speak of the disappearance of four mountains and the disposing of the gold within a few years as if we will have no children and grandchildren; instead, they leave to our children a cyanide lake, held, hopefully, by a dam. They need this in order to convince the people that this is what their happiness depends upon and to convince the leaders of Romania that the destruction of the patrimony should be supported by the ones that are paid from our money; the ones who are supposed to defend it. They forget that they don’t deal with a nation of servants.

There were some Mo?i who sold Horia and Avram Iancu, but not all are so. Defending your house and yard, your church and your dead is the ultimate proof of dignity, and nowadays it is a sign that we understand why we were accepted in Europe and what is our role among the free nations. The Democracy and the rule of law cannot exist only in Bucharest or Cluj and not in the last hamlet, too. When a community tries to defend itself against greed, ignorance and lawlessness, the intellectuals are the first ones that should jump in defense. Those who do not do this and, moreover, who allow themselves to be bought, they deserve the contempt of us and of history.

It’s not enough to save Rosia Montana from corporate greed and corrupt politicians. We are not against mining; we are against the destruction of the historical patrimony and of nature. We are convinced that the future of Rosia Montana consists of her past. Trajan brought to Rosia Montana an entire population of miners from the Roman empire, which built settlements and dug tens of kilometers of galleries unique in the world as symbols of perfection and beauty. It is a contribution of Rosia Montana, a contribution of Romania to the universal civilization. No one is allowed to destroy them, even the locals, because Rosia Montana’s heritage does not belong only to them.

The Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation seeks to:

- support the enrollment of Rosia Montana in UNESCO as a world heritage site.

- help Rosia Montana and surrounding areas to become a place of European importance for intellectual tourism.

- raise awareness of the unique architecture, customs, crafts, stories and cuisine of the people of Rosia Montana.

- urge the Romanian state to support their citizens for the benefit of Romania, not for that of foreign corporations.

- wants the wealth of the locals to be sustainable and based upon honesty and self-respect.

We will never surrender.